Ghosting-Issue Story

The term ghosting is gaining popularity as a term to end a romantic relationship by cutting off all contact and ignoring the previous partner’s attempts to reach out according to a new poll by (SO and SO)
Caelynn Nicole, a senior at The University of Houston, began ghosting her boyfriend of six months after she failed in breaking up with him the traditional way, in a face to face meeting.
“He would start crying every time I would try and end things with him, and I just didn’t dare to inform him it was over,” Nicole said. “I am graduating at the end of the semester, and I have repeatedly expressed my desire to travel once my lease is up,” she said. “He doesn’t seem to understand that. I have tried explaining to him that we are just not going to work out. Ghosting seems to be the only option.”
What makes me people use this method of breaking up? The practice has become more prevalent with the advent of technology. The rise of dating sites like Tinder and the endless supply of dating options is empowering to ghosts.
Valerie Wright, 32, said that there were so many options on dating sites and ghosting became a natural choice. “Most my Tinder and Bumble dates were about food and or boredom. I would not want to lead them on after so I would disappear,” Wright said. “I am glad I do not have to worry about that stuff anymore.”
Ghosting can be a reflection of how much some cares about the person they are dating. The amount of time can also be a gauge to whether someone chooses to ghost or not.
Desiree Lopez, 39, thinks that the amount of time appears to be a factor in circumstances where ghosting. “I believe that it is a direct reflection of how much you care,” Lopez said. “ I think the shorter amount of time you date someone is a direct indicator,” she said.
What about the long-term relationships? Ghosting is not just for the short romances, or online dating sites.
J.S. Ramos, a blogger on life and relationships, had been dating her partner for ten years. The emotional abuse she suffered made ghosting a decision that was easy to make.
“I did ghosting with my first love and had no regrets,” Ramos said. “I decided to walk away and never look back,” she said. “I reminded him that one day I would be done with him and he did not believe me.”
Regardless of the situation, there are those who believe that the practice is impolite and feel communication is critical, irrespective of how a relationship ends.
Gena DeMiddelaer Kizer, 45, said “I think it is rude. We are adults, and people need to grow up and be honest,” she said. “I have been ghosted, and I felt confused because I never had closure.”
Some folks still believe regardless of technological advances; people need to communicate better.
Genesis Grove, a school teacher, believes that communication goes both ways. “Both parties must reach out and talk in this technological world,” she said. “Communication is the most important thing in relationships,” said Grove.


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